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Meet 10 Companies Who Make Their Patriotic Gear in the U.S.A. — and Five Who Do Not

The Flag Shirt offers a variety of patriotic clothing that is manufactured in the United States. Photo by The Flag Shirt

Don’t be fooled by brands that wrap themselves in the flag but make their goods abroad. If you are looking for patriotic gear for the Fourth of July, be sure to sport Made in USA attire.

As we celebrate our nation’s 246th birthday, Made in USA is back in style.

Over the last year, American manufacturing has made a comeback unseen since the 1980s. From classic American companies like Ford and General Motors making historic investments in new electric vehicle factories to semiconductor plants and industries of the future setting new roots in states across the country, companies are investing to keep it Made in America.

Unfortunately, a lot of fashion and textile manufacturing is still done almost entirely overseas, and most of the clothing seen in stores is made abroad. Sadly, that also applies to patriotic gear, as it’s not uncommon to see Old Glory printed on a T-shirt, while the country of origin shows it was made overseas. 

But that doesn’t mean you can’t find America-themed attire that’s also American-made. Here are 10 companies that make their clothes stateside — and five big brands that rely on imports.

General Standard (found at Costco)

Costco sells this American flag T-shirt, which is Made in the USA by General Standard. Photo via Costco

Costco’s partnership with General Standard offers a lot of the values that many companies claim are unattainable. Not only are General Standard’s Americana T-shirts Made in the USA, but they are also ethically sourced from supply chains that avoid forced labor (cc: China). The company is also eco-conscious, working to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide needed to manufacture clothes. You can even find out where the cotton from your T-shirt was grown, or which of General Standard’s garment factories across the country assembled it.

WSI Sportswear 

WSI Sportswear is an activewear clothing brand located in Minnesota. Founded in 1990, WSI has become a leader in premium sportswear and continues to innovate. Check out the company’s Freedom Collection for flag-inspired and patriotic clothing for every workout. The collection offers America-themed T-shirts, underwear, swimwear, pants, and more. It has all the right looks for a 4th of July 5K, and you could probably even get away with wearing these looks to your local parade!   

Collared Greens  

Image via Collared Greens

Collared Greens is a proudly Made in America clothing brand with lots of options for 4th of July looks. The website is stocked with quality T-shirts for this holiday season, but what is perhaps most impressive is the company’s extensive collection of American pride-themed accessories. Ballcaps, ties, belts, and bowties can be found in an assortment of flag patterns and American symbolism. Collared Greens is based in Virginia, and dubs itself as the “first and only American-made, eco-conscious lifestyle clothing brand.”

Bailey Boys

Your little ones deserve a little fun, too! Bailey Boys, an American-made clothing brand based out of Georgia, has all the right clothing for the 4th of July parade, barbeque, and fireworks display. This preppy-inspired children’s clothing line offers the cutest polos, shorts, dresses, and accessories for kids of all sizes. Bailey Boys is the brainchild of Diane Bailey, a mother herself. Diane opened business in 1987, after years of making clothes for her own children.

Boldfoot Socks  

Socks can be a subtle way to express personal style; subtlety does not need to mean less fun. American pride can be worn head to toe with Boldfoot Socks’ patriotic patterns. These socks can be paired with any shoe (and even a pair of sandals if you’re so inclined) to show your festive spirit. The best part about fun socks is you can wear them year-round, no matter the occasion; no one will bat an eye. Boldfoot Socks is owned by Joshua Law, a proud son of a veteran and a veteran himself. It’s also proudly American-made in North Carolina, and 5% of each purchase goes to causes that help support American veterans.  

Red White Blue Apparel 

Jake from Ohio started Red White Blue Apparel out of plastic tubs in his apartment back in 2012. Now his company is working to revitalize Ohio’s manufacturing sector through the production of T-shirts, hats, and brass flags for decoration. In Jake’s words, “Success isn’t about the thickness of your wallet, it’s about the size of the impact you leave on society, it’s about being driven for a cause that is far greater than yourself.”  

Red White Blue Apparel hats are Made in the USA. Via Red White Blue Apparel

The Flag Shirt

We profiled The Flag Shirt last year ahead of the Fourth of July, but we wanted to give the Stern family’s Sunrise, Fla. company another shout out. A staple of Fourth of July celebrations since 1954, The Flag Shirt’s collection was once a part of J.C. Penney’s and Kohl’s catalogue of clothes. But with the advent of digital shopping, the folks who wave The Flag Shirt have switched mostly to online items, which include shirts, hats, socks, and more Made in the USA attire (the company’s most popular item is an American flag shirt with the Declaration of Independence in the background). Check the label, as not everything sold by the brand is made domestically.   

Love of Country Clothing  

Joe Knoetgen and his family know that service is selfless. After his time in the Air Force, Joe and company decided to create Love of Country Clothing. Manufactured exclusively in the United States, Love of Country Clothing works to minimize its eco footprint by producing a line of products from organic and recyclable materials. (They also have a line of organic coffee, if you’re feeling thirsty).  

Classy Cozy Cool Bootique

Classy Cozy Cool Boutique

Classy Cozy Cool Boutique (CCCB) sells a line of patriotic clothing for women, but that’s not all! In addition to their star-studded hoodies and long and short sleeve T-shirts, CCCB’s catalogue includes tie-dye clothing, sewn clothes and jewelry.  

The Made in America Store

We’re longtime fans of the Made in America Store, which is a wonderous emporium of all sorts of Made in America Products. From groceries to apparel, and everything in between, this store offers exclusively Made in America Products. For this 4th of July, make sure to check out the company’s collection of flag-inspired shirts and accessories

Five Brands that DO NOT Make their Patriotic Clothing in America

Old Navy, Gap & Banana Republic

Despite their All-American branding, Old Navy, Gap, and Banana Republic — all three levels of the same company, Gap Inc. — rely on imports overseas to make their goods. That includes Old Navy’s popular flag T-shirts, which are ubiquitous this time of year.

Oh, and one more thing: The company was among those said to be benefiting from forced labor in Xinjiang. Not exactly the way to celebrate freedom, is it?

Old Navy puts out a flag T-shirt around this time every year, and every year it’s made abroad. Screenshot via


While Target may triumph on the convenience scale, the vast majority of their 4th of July collection clothes are manufactured overseas, including kids clothing like this patriotic shirt.

American Eagle

American Eagle and its sister store Aerie manufactures much of their merchandise in third-party factories in Asia. Nearly 30% of their goods are imported from China, with factories located in Vietnam and India as well.

Levi Strauss & Co.

While being one of the most popular household names for denim and a brand with a whole lot of Americana attached to it, Levi Strauss & Co. has moved most manufacturing abroad to countries like China.

J. Crew

While J.Crew is beginning to make efforts towards Made in America manufacturing, the brand currently produces most of their clothing overseas in the Philippines, Cambodia, and a number of other countries.

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